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T-34 - radziecki czołg średni produkowany w latach 1941-1958. W chwili pojawienia się na froncie II wojny światowej stanowił zaskoczenie dla Niemców ze. The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank that had a profound and lasting effect on the field of tank design. At its introduction in 1940, the T-34 possessed an unprecedented.

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T-34 T-34 (Modell 1943) Allgemeine Eigenschaften Besatzung 4 (Kommandant, Fahrer, Ladeschütze, MG-Schütze/Funker) Länge 6,75 m Breite 3 m Höh Painting, Markings and Weathering. All camouflage colours are water based acrylics thinned with isopropyl alcohol and applied with the Testor Aztek A470 airbrush. Miglioramenti tecnici. Per un certo periodo i russi scartarono ogni progetto di miglioria o di modifica del T-34, per mantenere la produzione la più alta possibile.

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  1. De T-34 was een middelzware tank die door het Rode Leger werd ingezet tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Tijdens die oorlog was het de meest geproduceerde tank ter wereld
  2. 2차대전 소련 중형 탱크 모델; 모델 t-34 모델 1940 t-34 모델 1941 t-34 모델 1942 t-34 모델 1943 t-43 시제기 t-34-85 t-44; 무
  3. Kehitys. T-34 syntyi Neuvostoliiton Espanjan sisällissodan, Mantšuriassa Japania vastaan käymien taisteluiden sekä talvisodan kokemuksien perusteella
  4. T-34 and KV Tanks Were Only Available in Small Numbers in 1941? There is little doubt that as an all round tank the T-34 was the most powerful medium tank in the.
  5. t-34( Т-34 テー・トリーッツァチ・チトゥーリィ)は、第二次世界大戦から冷戦時代にかけてソビエト連邦を中心に使用さ.
  6. Modelos de Tanques soviéticos na Segunda Guerra Mundial [14] Modelo T-34 Modelo 1940 T-34 Modelo 1941 T-34 Modelo 1942 T-34 Modelo 1943 T-43 (protótipo
  7. Écarts à la normale 1941. Repères historiques. fin juin: l'Allemagne commence à envahir l' URSS et arrive aux portes de Moscou le 19 octobre. 7 décembre: le.

Tank T-34 byl rozhodně jedním z nejpokrokověji řešených tanků v dějinách, z jehož konstrukce vychází drtivá většina moderních obrněných vozidel t-34는 bt 전차의 후속 전차로 개발되었다. 스페인 내전에서 t-26, bt 전차는 그럭저럭 쓸만했고 화력도 괜찮았다 [3] Historia. Na początku 1941 zespół konstruktorów radzieckich pod kierownictwem inż. N. Astrowa opracował nowy lekki czołg rozpoznawczy dla Armii Czerwonej 1941 est un film réalisé par Steven Spielberg avec Dan Aykroyd, Ned Beatty. Synopsis : En 1941, alors que les Américains décident d'entrer en guerre, un sous-marin japonais fait surface au. T-34 er typebetegnelsen på den mest kendte sovjetiske kampvogn fra 2. verdenskrig. T-34 blev produceret på lokomotivfabrikken Komiterna i Harkov samt diverse.

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Il était une fois deux truands juifs, Max et Noodles, liés par un pacte d'éternelle amitié. Débutant au début du siècle par de fructueux trafics dans le ghetto de New York, ils voient leurs. Kennung Kiellegung Stapellauf Indienststellung Verbleib T 22: 49400701 0 1. Juli 1940 49410720 20. Juli 1941 49420228 28. Februar 1942 gesunken 18 Tyske korps Tyske divisioner Tyske kampvogne i alt kampvogne med 37 mm kanon (inkl. Panzer 38(t) og Panzer III) Kampvogne med 50 mm eller større kano Part five of a 15-part series of documentaries produced by the American Broadcasting Company on the 20th century and the rise of the United States as a superpower

7.62 mm DT machine gunWeapon 2. 2 898 roundsAmmunition. 63 roundsBelt capacity. 600 shots/minFire rate. Economy. 9 200 Research. 22 000 Purchase. 1 020 / 1 401/860 / 1 181/620 / 851Repair. 6 300 Crew training. 22 000 Experts. 160 Aces. x 1.18 Reward for battle The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank that had a profound and lasting effect on the field of tank design. At its introduction in 1940, the T-34 possessed an unprecedented combination of firepower, mobility.. T-34 is extremely ruthless and shows how heroism makes the impossible possible. And amidst this war violence, there's even room for some romance between Nikolay and the Russian translator Anya.. The T-34 model 1940, the first mass production model. The 1941 had many differences, mostly The T-34/76 was the mainstay of the Red Army from 1941 to the end of 1944, when sufficient numbers of.. T-34 (1941) / statistics for the last 1 month. These may be very different from the real, because we are monitoring only those players who use our site

T-34 1941 L11. Endorsements. This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Summer skin for T-34. Works on all soviet tanks, replace only ussr_camo_green.tga file T-34 tank : history, information, specifications, statistics, pictures about the Russian medium tanks Model 1941 and 1942 with 76.2-mm-gun F-34 of WW2 T-34 Model 1941 (T-34-76B) - Appearing in 1941; cast or welded turrets; improved armor protection In June of 1941, the Germans invaded the Soviet Union under Operation Barbarossa - Hitler's grand.. T-34 1940からBRが+0.4されたが、走攻守がハイバランスで揃ったこの戦車にとっては誤差のよう これが俗に言う1941年型である。 (ここで注意しておきたいのが前述の通り正式にF-34を装備するこ.. Germans-modified T-34 m. 1941/42 tanks with hatch from PzKpfw III/IV probably from 4 PzDiv. Also this unit had a modified T-34 m.1942/43 tank (picture)

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  1. T-34 was a Soviet medium tank. First T-34 tank left the assembly line at the Kharkov factory in June 1940, the prototypes having T-34 winter camo turret number 54. T-34 model 1941 in German service
  2. На дворе 1941 год. Танк Т-34 в бою на Волоколамском рубеже разгромил роту противника. Сам танк не уцелел. Лейтенант Ивушкин, который командовал танком, вместе с водителем..
  3. T-34/76 1941 Walk Around Page 1. Any questions, comments, or problems, please email me. These pictures were taken and shared with the web by Dmitry Kiyatkin
  4. That's easily answered, the T-34, since the M4 Sherman was not yet invented, and the Panzer IV wasn't even the primary tank of the wehrmacht either, neither did it have any cannon upgrades..

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The T-34 Model 1941 differed from its predecessor the Model 1940 in the gun; the short L-11 76.2mm gun was replaced by the improved F-34 76.2mm gun which gave it better anti-tank performance Tier5 ソ連 中戦車 (読み方 テー・トゥリツァッチ・チィトゥィリ) ↑ T-34 mod. 1940 + 76 mm L-11 購入初期の状態。傾斜装甲といえ. Kennung Kiellegung Stapellauf Indienststellung Verbleib T 22: 49400701 0 1. Juli 1940 49410720 20. Juli 1941 49420228 28. Februar 1942 gesunken 18 I think it was time for another change of looks, wasn't it??? Anyway, here we go. It's just basically a minor change of looks

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